Friday, April 24, 2015

KCW - A Jane Top

I know I promised the other Stella Tunic yesterday, but it actually feels more summer than spring to me and I've had a hard time staying motivated to get it finished and photographed.  It'll get done, it just hasn't happened yet.

In the mean time, I whipped (and I do mean whipped - quick sew, made quicker still by using an existing hem) up another Jane Top for Lisi Loo to wear to pre-school today.

This time I made a size 3 and it fits great, too, with a little room to spare.  Obviously I made the short sleeved version this go around.  The only change I made was to replace the facing with a full lining since we don't need to be seeing her belly through those eyelets. 

This top (like the Stella I posted) is made from an old skirt of mine.  She loves that the embroidered/eyelet details look like wheels.  Whatever makes her happy to wear it is okay by me.

The length is actually a tiny bit longer than the size 3 top version because I used the existing hem but cut the full length of the pattern piece.  More room to grow!

So there it is: 2 versions of each of the new Garden Girl Collection top/dress patterns.  I really need to take a break now, but all the fabric I look out I now see is Stellas, McKenzies, or Janes!  ha!  It's not the worst problem to have, is it?

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  1. Love this top and the eyelet fabric makes it super cute just like the one wearing it.