Sunday, April 26, 2015

KCW - Flamingos!

I think this was the first fabric/pattern decision I made when I got the Garden Girl collection.  I showed Lisi Loo the fabric, assuming she would love it because...well, flamingos.  Also, this is one of her favorite books lately.  Her reaction was surprisingly something along the lines of, "No way am I wearing flamingos!".  Extra surprising since the most negative reaction I ever received before this incident was indifference.  But I stuck with it, hoping to win her over with the finished Stella Tunic.

All throughout the creation of this, whenever I would hold it up and ask what she thought, she continued to say she did not want to wear flamingos.  I was discouraged, which is probably why it ended up taking so long to get it finished, but I kept hope alive.  And I'm glad I did, because I sewed on the last button, held it up one more time, and it was like she was an entirely different girl - or I was sewing an entirely different top.

She loved it.  "Is it a PINK FLAMINGO shirt?  For ME?!?!?  Yipp-EEE!!!"  (She really does say yippee, by the way.)  Crazy three year old.  I don't even try to keep up.

So back to the pattern: it has the high low hem, the optional collar, and has no sleeves as opposed to the cap sleeves I used last time.  How amazing is that racerback?  I'm so obsessed.

The flamingo fabric itself is vintage - in that it is approximately as old as I am.  My grandmother (not the one I'm always saying passed some fabric on to me, but the other one that I actually only have two or three special cuts of fabric from) used this fabric to make matching two piece bathing suits for my cousin and myself when we were little.  She lined them with terry cloth but, yes, woven bathing suits are unfortunately as uncomfortable as they sound.  Oh - and it fits the KCW wild things theme!  Coincidentally as I cut this out weeks ago...but still...

So that's it for my KCW sewing this season.  Not my most prolific but I'm still really pleased with the results.  As is Lisi Loo's closet.

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  1. I love it! As a flamingo fan I can't imagine not wanting to wear flamingos. I am glad she came around. It is such a fabulous shirt!