Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Butterflies (Week 1, Project 1)

There's snow on the ground but it feels like spring in here!

To make my first "project" a continuation of a previously started project feels a little like cheating...but it was creative and it looks pretty and it made me feel good.  Hey - I make the rules, I get to interpret them, too!

Last spring, inspired by this post on whatever, we made bigger versions of these pretty butterfly canvases as teacher gifts.  M used watercolors to paint a couple sheets of paper, and I used a Martha Stewart butterfly punch to cut out as many as I could.  Then we creased them all down the middle for dimention. 

Then we simply hotglued them all "willy nilly" onto the canvases - butterflies in flight.

We had a bunch left over so I've been saving them.  I picked up three of these small canvases on sale and I gave M some left over paint from old furniture projects.  Once they were dry, I wielded the glue gun and he positioned our little friends.  One for Mommy & Daddy, one for Sister, and one more for himself.

Pretty.  Happy.

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