Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Skinny Jeans! (Week 5, Project 1)

So jeans.  More specifically, constructing them.  Intimidating!  But one day I started studying a pair of purple skinny pants that I love on Baby E, but that are getting a little short and whose knees have seen better/darker days due to a certain little girl's refusal to walk for so long!  But I digress...these purple pants are made from a stretch twill kind of material that made me remember this stretch denim-type material (geez...I should probably invest in Dana's book, huh?) that I've had FOREVER.  And, common theme developing, I decided to just go for it.

I used those purple pants to draft my own pattern, adding to the leg length and forgoeing the front pockets and belt loops (belt loops...really?).  There isn't really a fly either - I just added some extra stitching to the center seam

They are obviously a little low in the back, I'll remedy that on my next pair.  And there will definitely be a next pair.  I'm smitten. 

And my model and I are getting better at working together.  And by that I mean I've learned to bribe her...

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