Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cork Stamping (Week 4, Project 1)

This falls under the projects-started-without-a-fully-formed-plan category.
I had a few canvas boards, a few wine corks (the REAL cork corks), and the kids were playing nice.
I cut a v shape in the cork, sloppily mixed a few craft paint colors in a dish and got to stamping.

 At some point a certain little girl got a little noisy so stamping with a baby on my lap turned in to baby fingers smudging paint...
When I was about half-way through M got interested so I told him when Sister went down for her nap he could make his own.  I got him out his own canvas board and explained how to use the stamp and left him to it.  I thought he'd stamp randomly but he wanted to make "beautiful rows, just like Mommy's."  (I can't make this stuff up!) 
He did surprisingly well.  He got a little bored at one point so we took turns doing sets of three until he decided my stamping wasn't up to his standards.  When they were finished we laid them side by side to dry.  I think his turned out better than mine - the darker thicker paint, the stamping closer together. 
From there I decided to go in an "inspirational phrase" direction - I figured letters would add interest without detracting from our stamping.

Insert WOMP WOMP here.  I won't even show you what happened to mine.  I tried free-hand - BIG mistake.  So I tried to cover it up and bla bla bla big mess.  I gave up.

But the kid's...I'm happy to report we are both very pleased with the end result.  I got some letter stickers on sale at Joanns and kept it simple.  And awesomeness ensued...

(phrase inspiration from this great print)
I was planning on framing it, but for now I think I'll just put it up in his room as-is.  Simple.  Awesome.  Simply Awesome.  Just like my boy.

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