Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nana's Sweater (Week 3, Project 2)

I and so glad I hoard old clothes! This is the second free top I've made for E this week - all thanks to family members who support my habits and keep my "upcycling" dresser in the basement full.

This sweater was from my grandmother - Nana to baby girl.  It had a collar & 3 buttons at the neck, and pulled in quite a bit at the bottom.  I cut the body of the dress from the original neckline, but used the bottom of the sleeves for a nice poof.  I've been wanted to make a dress with buttons at the back, and decided this was the sweater to do that with. 


I ended up lining the whole body of the dress because I thought the sweater would be too clingy and not fall nicely. I used these weird slinky pants my mom had donated - solved the clingy issue, the neck binding issue, and also added some nice weight to this winter top!
It needed a little interest in the front, so I added a couple inches to the fold when I cut the front and made a couple pleats.  Just enough to keep it from being a bore. 
If she looks like she's about to loose it in the picture above, it's because she is.  Things went downhill quickly from  here.  First she found a dust pile that was really attracted to her hem...
Then she got her hands on the remote...
And finally demanded her favorite accessory, her brother's hat.  (Seriously...she wears it around the house ALL DAY.  Crawls over, shakes it wildly, and then screams - translation: "Put this on my head!!!")

Cuteness.  Although, I could live without the screaming.

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