Wednesday, October 21, 2015

KCW - A Couple of Stellas

Efficiency is key for me during KCW, so some assembly line sewing of a pattern I already know and trust is a great way for me to get something significant accomplished without getting too caught up in details.

As for choosing the pattern, my last post noted that Elise loves cardigans, and I love clothes that can be worn for multiple seasons.  Short sleeved (or sleeveless) blouses fit the bill nicely as they can be worn alone with shorts in warm weather, and layered with pants in cold weather.  

This week I went with The Stella Tunic.  Since this is the fourth (and fifth) time I've made this pattern, I'm not going to go into why I love it so much again.  Here are versions one, two, and three - I probably gush enough in those posts.  The fabrics were both from an estate sale I went to a couple weeks ago.  I believe they're both vintage, and the more colorful was a sheet.  There I go, dressing my kid in bedsheets again.  

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  1. I always love what you make. I keep thinking about this pattern for my older girl... I hope it goes up to a size 8!