Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Watercolor Stella

I'm dressing my kid in sheets again.  Also, I made another top from the Garden Girl Collection.  Neither of these things should surprise you at this point, though, should they?

I made the Stella Tunic again, this time with the skirt modification I used here, but the sleeveless option like the flamingo version.

I used an old sheet (not vintage, just old) that my grandmother gave me.  I went in concerned it would look dowdy, and with the wrong pattern it probably would have, but the Stella really made it lean toward "modern watercolor" as opposed to "grandma floral" - which, technically, it is - ha!

I only put buttons on the bodice this time, as is shown in some of the versions on the published pattern.  It's fine while she's vertical, but does show some belly when she sits.  I have three more matching buttons so I just need to decide if I only want to add one more, just to keep it closed, or all three to keep the balance all the way down.  Any thoughts?  Also, I think next time I'm going to lengthen the bodice to the next size up so the waist sits a little lower.

I'm pretty happy with this piece.  More than anything it's versatility.  It's great with a cardigan (which is how she's been wearing it all day with the exception of this photo shoot), and will look equally sweet with her leggings, skinny jeans, or a pair of shorts.

PS: did you hear the announcement for Summer KCW?  I signed up (of course I did), but it starts June 22, and my due date for our littlest is June 18 (38 weeks today!) so we'll see if I actually get to participate.  I'm hoping she doesn't make me wait another two weeks (her sister was three weeks early, so there is precedent), and the big kids will be away on vacation with their Grammy the second half of the week, so there is hope.  Newborns are pretty sleepy, right?  Just smile and and nod and say yes...thank you.

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  1. I sewed while I was in labour! There is definitely hope. But I'm crazy!