Monday, June 8, 2015

An Eyelet Rose

I haven't found a shorts pattern for Lisi Loo that I really love yet, so I usually buy those for her.  I picked up a cute pair of coral and white ones on clearance recently that were begging to be paired up with a pretty white top, so that's what I made her.

It's the Desert Rose pattern again, this time from an old, stained skirt of mine.

I used the full width of the skirt which added even more volume, and reused the original skirt's lining.  The lining wasn't as wide as the outer layer of the original skirt, so I cut the Desert Rose skirt lining to the pattern's width.  It made gathering and attaching the two layers a little more complicated, but not impossible.  Also I saved time by using the existing hem and not needed to sew and finish the skirt side seams.

It's so twirly and airy, despite the great volumes of fabric.  I can see it getting a lot of wear this summer, can't you?

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