Monday, November 3, 2014

Birthday Zippies

This post is about three weeks late, but there was a frenzy of birthday sewing that happened the first week of October, then actual birthday celebrations, and then KCW, so here we are.  Better late than never, right?  Except when there's a growth spurt...which there was.  Oops!

Two more Little Zippies!  The first is the original pattern, but fully lined (like this striped one).  I rarely use quilting cottons for kid clothes but this top really lends itself to a fun print, not that I got very daring with this one.  It's a cream background with gold hearts - I knew Lisi Loo would love the hearts and I was right.

It's just lined with a simple cream colored sheet my grandmother passed to me - it's a little satiny and I guess she and Grandpa kept sliding out of bed, or something like that.  Need a laugh?  Picture your grandparents trying to sleep on satin sheets.  Anyway, it was the perfect color and after I stopped giggling I got back to work.

I used a maroon metal zipper from my stash - I love the contrast and I feel like it adds a nice autumnal touch, as does last winter's cardigan!

Both these Zippies were wrapped up and given to her on her birthday.  She chose the blue one to wear on her actual birthday.  It's the same size as all the others on top but I lengthened it into a dress!
It fit perfectly on her actual birthday but, as you can see, is getting a little risque these days.  Time to lose the tights and throw on some leggings and boots, I think!

I was going to go with a bright zipper, then second guessed my choice and chose this mauve one, then regretted the decision but not enough to change it.  The fabric is a seersucker - isn't it perfect?  (Both main fabrics were from JoAnn's.).  This one is also fully lined with the PERFECTLY matched solid that just happened to be sitting at home in my stash!  Birthday luck, I suppose.

And the obligatory cardigan shot - because I would not have purchased this wonderful pattern if not for my cardigan obsession.

There is one more dress I made for her to wear to the birthday party that I'll try to share soon, too - NOT a Zippy!  I'll give you a break from those...for a little while, at least.

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  1. They are all lovely, Amy. And that dress is especially cute - such a beautiful colour.