Sunday, February 2, 2014

KCW Day Six

Another one hour cardigan!

This time it actually did take me more than an hour, but that was mostly due to some pretty serious button paralysis.

This was a sweater my mom no longer wanted and passed on to me.  It didn't start out as a cardigan, hence the need for buttons.  I'm still not totally thrilled with the choice, but it'll do.

I like that the length in the back is just short enough for a peak of shirt.  Speaking of shirts - I made this sweater with my most recent roller skate tunic in mind...but it's modeled with (and perfectly matched to) my first roller skate tunic!

This photo shoot brought to you by M & Ms...

...or as Lisi Loo calls them: "Die-yoooooos".  (aka "double-u's".)  Upside down, she's not wrong.

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  1. You're a refashioning queen! I hadn't thought of cutting up cardigans - but now all the possibilities are dawning on me...I love sewing pretty dresses, but woollies are what my little girl lives in, and needs right now. This is so sweet!