Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Lacey Hoodie

Have you guys seen the new Peek A Boo Hoodie pattern from Lil Luxe Collection?  I saw it pop up a few times on Instagram during testing and it kind of stuck with me.  It was released earlier this week with a discounted price (which still appears to be discounted as I write this) and, pretty impulsively, I pounced.  Then I sewed:

I made the size 3 for my three year old.  The chest and height measurements matched up for that size, and I'd say the fit is pretty good.  The neckline/head opening seems pretty big to me, but she's going to wear it with a t-shirt anyway because the fabric's a little sheer, and it's not falling off her shoulders or anything.

Let's talk about this pocket - so cute!  It's a small kangaroo type pocket across the front, and I found the construction to be a little confusing until I started actually putting the pieces together, and then it all made perfect sense, so I think it was more me than the pattern.  The fabric is a double layer knit from Joann's with a black and white stripes on the back and a cream lace on the front.  I used the "wrong" side for the contrasting hood and pocket linings.

I only made two small changes to the pattern.  First: the pattern is marked for a "waist" length and a "tunic" length.  Even though her height matched up perfectly to the size 3, I was concerned about the tunic length looking more dress length so I ended up cutting it to exactly between the two lengths and I think it worked out perfectly.   Second: the cuffs are supposed to have thumb holes, but I knew she wouldn't use them, so I just skipped leaving the openings and shortened the cuffs by about an inch overall.

I'm excited to find a fabric I like for my boy and make him a (waist length with thumb holes) hoodie of his own.

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  1. The sweetest lace hoodie and I think I say it every time I comment but your daughter is adorable!