Sunday, February 17, 2013

Her Tote (Week 7, Project 2)

This project was completed in week 7, even though it's being posted during week 8.  I haven't been finding that getting two creative projects completed each week is difficult, but the photographing and posting them aspect hasn't been as fun for me as I had hoped it would be.  I'm going to keep plugging away for now, though...

This project was born when Sister started (trying) to carry around my big grocery shopping tote bags.  She could quite comfortably fit IN one of these totes, to provide scale.  I decided she needed her own Sister-sized tote.

It's the same basic idea as the birthday bags I posted last week, but smaller.  Sister-sized, if you will.  It was all fabric I had on hand.  The ouside fabric I picked up at an estate sale a year or two ago and the pocket with the initial was part of an old handkerchief I'd already cut into; the inside fabric is from a vintage sheet and the pocket is all scraps.  I was just going to line it...then decided to add a pocket to the lining...then decided to make the pocket pretty...until I realized it's completely reversible. 

She's been enjoying toting around her friends...

and her brother's cars.

What a Little Lady...

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