Saturday, February 9, 2013

Her Big Sister's Sweater (Week 6, Project 2)

I've had an unprecidented run of sewing "successes" lately, so I knew I was due for a fail, or at least a less-than success.  Well, I got it.  In all fairness, I knew I was in for a challenge when I picked out a fun but chunky, look knit gray-and-neon-pink sweater at the thrift store.  There were challenges, there were hic-ups, there may have been a little bit of cursing...but I pulled it out...sort of.

I've refashioned quite a few sweaters before, but all with a pretty tight knit.  The loose knit meant the seams stretched and I had to bind them which added some bulk. 

I originally cut more of an A-line shape but it got a little ridiculous, so I trimmed it down.  I've made a few attempts at 3/4 length sleeves now and just can't seem to get the proportions right.  That, combined with the gathered shoulders, makes for some (too) poofy sleeves of an awkward length.

To me, she looks a little like she's wearing her (non-existant) big sister's sweater.  If she's a slim kid like her brother, I think this may work really well for her as a short sleeved sweater as a little bigger girl - maybe next winter or the winter after.


So I'll just hang it in the closet and hope neon is still cute in a couple of years!

'Cause this babe really pulls off cute.

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