Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby Doll Makeover (Week 7, Project 1)

This is my baby's baby:

She was actually MY baby, many (many!) moons ago.  Her given name is "Baby with the Black Hair" - original stuff, right there.  Last October I passed her down to my little girl on her 1st birthday, along with my old doll cradle, repainted, and some bedding I made.  For authenticity's sake, I gave her in her aged state - ratty hair, funky ill-fitting clothes, 25 (+?)  year old band-aids still affixed.  I didn't take pictures, but to say my husband thought she looked like she might come to life at night and murder us in our sleep should help you with the mental image.  We just couldn't have that!

So I gave her a good scrub (although there's only so clean a doll that old/loved will get) then tamed & trimmed her tresses.  Ready for a fresh new outfit!  I started with some comfy leggings and a cozy new top.

It's the first time I've ever drafted a pattern with out an article of clothing to start from.  I took a lot of measurements and tried to match shapes to shapes I use for kid clothes - just miniaturized.  There were some hick-ups - like a too wide neckline, but I was able to work it out.

Her top is made with scraps from E's lovey top.  Not exactly the same, but similar enough to coordinate.  Look - buttons!  And more important - button HOLES!

I added a little coordinating headband, and the makeover was complete.

She and her mama have similar pose preferences, although she knows how to hold a pose in a way my other model has not yet grasped.

I see a much larger wardrobe in this kid's future.

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