Tuesday, October 21, 2014

KCW - A Brand New Bimaa

As promised, my day two KCW sewing is a new version of an old (if a year counts as old in pattern time) favorite: the Bimaa sweater.

Since her sweaters from last year still fit well, I used the same size but lengthened the sleeves by about an inch.  I just checked my post on the first Bimaa I made to note the size and imagine my surprise to see that my 3 year old is wearing 12 month sized sweaters!  The next size up would probably fit fine now, but that would mean more tracing and who's got time for that during KCW?  I just want to SEW!!

Anyway, the sweater knit was from fabric.com last winter, I think.  I was going to make myself a dress.  That dress was turning out super unflattering so I called it quits about halfway through.  Now I  have a lot of this pretty green fabric with no projects in mind.

And if those boots look familiar, thanks to an instagram tip I was able to get her current size of the same boots I was obsessed with that she wore last year at the Gap Outlet last month.  SO HAPPY.  And she is, too.

I made some good headway on her Halloween costume after finishing up this Bimaa.  Hoping to have it finished and ready to share by tomorrow afternoon.  Halloween isn't my favorite (to put it mildly) but I'm almost enjoying making this costume.  Almost.

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  1. What a nice sweater. I love that green colour! And the cowl. Your daughter looks adorable! I've been meaning to try that pattern out. It's nice to find someone else whose 3 year old still wears her 12 month clothes! Just popped over from the KCW site. Happy sewing!