Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hoop Tent

I can't remember where I first saw this project - it is by no means an original idea - but I did sort of wing it, so there may in fact be original aspects to my end product.

As may be obvious from the lack of leaves on the trees and the long sleeves and pants on this 90 degree day, this picnic tent was made in early May.  With the sewing backlog to post, this got pushed aside.

It's simply a hula hoop with a king sized sheet strung on it and tied up with clothes line rope with loops and carabiner for easy set up and take down.  It was a bit windy this day, so we needed some rocks to anchor it, and found we were limited in direction we could face. 

Still a great spot for an after-pre-school picnic, though.  Look - even got myself in some pictures!  That resolution may not be a total wash after all!!

And just because I can't resist...

...dandelioned baby pig-tails.  Love finding forgotten photographic gems.  I suppose that's a primary reason for taking so many pictures.  Surprise memories.  My heart.

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