Friday, April 11, 2014

KCW - Easter Dress #2

This year we are celebrating Easter with my in-laws a week late to accommodate schedules, and spending Easter Day with my family.  Two celebrations are as good a reason as any for two dresses, right?

Easter Dress #1 was originally going to be Lisi Loo's only dress, but then I saw this pin...and the next day my mom gave me some sheer curtains...and Easter Dress #2 was born (in my mind anyway - it was just completed yesterday).

This was always second favorite in my head...until I put it on her.  Now I think I love it even more than #1!

I used the same pattern I drafted for her Christmas dress since this girl only seems to grow up, not out.  (Seriously - she's wearing these pants today - now they're stylish ankle-length skinnies).  The only changes I made were to lengthen and pleat the skirt, to insert an exposed zipper instead of an invisible zipper, and to line the skirt as well as the bodice instead of using a separate underskirt.

The pleating was purely a measure of laziness.  Gathering has now dropped even lower than making buttonholes on my list of dreaded sewing techniques (or should that be higher?   Whatever - I just don't like it, okay?).  I was really pleased how it worked out so evenly with no measuring  or forethought.  Like I said: lazy.

I thought about adding some piping or a sash, but I'm glad I didn't.  Once I got it on her and you could really see more of the large scale pattern I think the simplicity suits it just fine.

I'm going to try to finish out the week with an hour of cutting/prepping tonight, and squeeze in a hour each day this weekend.  Maybe easier said than done, but certainly not impossible.  Like they say: it’s Kid’s Clothes WEEK, not Kid’s Clothes take-the-weekend-off! 

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  1. I agree about the simplicity making the dress. The results are gorgeous! Good luck getting your KCW time on the weekend. Despite having a productive week, the weekend will definitely be a squeeze for me.

    1. Thanks! I totally failed this weekend...always do. Oh well - they're always Summer KCW to try again!

  2. I love these dresses SO MUCH!! Ever since the first time I did KCW and I see your little lady in the pool I click over to check out the pattern only to discover that I will not be able to copy you b/c you have DRAFTED IT YOURSELF! Seriously, you rock at this. These dresses and that stripey top are all just the cutest ever. I cannot get over your estate sale finds, seriously! Such great fabric and then now sheer curtains too? So fun.

    Also, as to my "rockstar status" at KCW this year with sewing and blogging... I kind of cheated. My son's spring break was the week before KCW, so I pretended like the week before was KCW and did all of my sewing then. Maybe lame, I know, but I didn't want to miss out on the sewing and I didn't want to ignore my son on his time off. So it worked, but I felt guilty. :) When I saw your comment on the project page I just had to confess!! :)

    1. I don't know how...but I totally missed your comment when it was new!
      I feel a little better knowing that you're not a super-hero after all. Still super, of course - but a super real person. ha! I don't think it was lame, by the way. The point it to get sewing for your kids and you certainly did that!!