Thursday, January 23, 2014

His & Hers Recess Raglans

I had intended to make this two posts, the first of which was to be published earlier this week.  But we've had snow days and two year molars and a few other hiccups to that plan, so, even though they are in no way matching, I'm putting them in one post for the sake of just-getting-it-done-already!

His & hers recess raglans:

We'll start with his...because he was so lovely to photograph, what with actual cooperation and all.

The striped fabric is a french terry from Girl Charlee - found here as of this typing, but looks like it's almost gone.  The bands are a ribbed knit I got at Joann ages ago.

He looks pretty miserable in these photos, but he's just a pretty serious kid a lot of the time.  Nothing a little kitty photo-bomb couldn't cure...

In stark (three year age) difference, I really thought, for a little while, that publishing pictures of her thrashing about red-faced on the floor was the only way I was going to get modeled shots of her shirt.  Then I made oatmeal, she "helped", and I took my shots.  Not ideal, but done.

I would have liked to make it long sleeved, but this was an upcycle (really a destruction) of a woman's shirt from Old Navy clearance and I just couldn't make it work with the amount of fabric I had.

I'm not in love with this shirt.  There's something that doesn't sit right with me about the way this pattern comes together for me - especially the necklines (I'm hoping his shrinks up a little once washed).  I don't think it's the pattern because I've seen plenty of lovely versions sewn by other people.  Maybe raglans just aren't "me." Who knows.  I  have two more cut out (for the boy!) to sew up during KCW next week.  Then I may retire the pattern.  What won't I retire?

Loving how cute this crazy kid makes my crazy (and decidedly not cute) 50's kitchen look.  

Thanks, love.


  1. I really love both shirts! I have a few cut out for kcw as well, it'll be my first go at this pattern snd now you have me curious as to what I'll think if it :) But in all seriousness, I think both of these are completely adorable!

    1. Thank you! I'm kind of curious about my next two, as well. I've been putting them off for the end of the week...and crossing my fingers. I hate spending all the time - and especially fabric! - on something I don't end up loving. I did see yours from earlier this week, though, and they look awesome! So I am encouraged.

  2. this is why i LOVE kcw...finding great blogs like this one. i love your style both photography and fabric choices for your kids clothes. happy sewing :)

    1. Thank you so much! That's one of my favorite parts of KCW, too. Second only to giving me the excuse to sew a lot for a whole week each season!