Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bimaa Up Top

This top wasn't supposed to be a Bimaa.  It was supposed to have a regular banded neck top with a raised waist and gathered tunic length "skirt".  But in my planning, my brain kept showing it to me with a Bimaa cowl neck.  Instead of fighting my head I went with it...and it looks exactly like my mind told me it would!  Should trust that girl more often, I think.'s what she gave me:

It turned out a little longer than I had anticipated, but is just roomy enough up top and in the sleeves that she won't grow out of it for quite a while.

Lisi Loo's favorite shape is the star - so you can imagine her excitement when I pointed them out all over her new shirt (I should have gotten a close-up of the fabric - they dots are actually dark gray stars).  She then showed them off to all her dolls in the immediate vicinity.  Braggart.

This fabric is relatively thin, so I wasn't sure how I'd like the cowl but turns out I love it!  And she does, too, as she thinks it a scarf, like Mommy's.  Close enough kid.

I'm feeling really good about getting back in the sewing saddle.  I actually made two more tops the same day that I'll post as I get pictures.  That's part of my new a lot for a day or two, then step away for a week or two and get pictures as the new things are worked into regular wardrobe rotation.  Hopefully letting myself be obsessed for a day or two at a time will keep me from letting it take over all the time.  Until KCW starts, anyway.  ha!  Wish me luck!


  1. This turned out absolutely adorable! It looks so comfy, I want one for me ;)

    1. Thanks! I feel that way about a lot of her clothes. I think I must be making my dream wardrobe in miniature or something. It'll be a sad day when she no longer appreciates my taste!

  2. adorable-both the top and your daughter! what great fabric to have little grey stars! i can see why she loves it so:)

  3. Ooh! I love stars, too. Super comfy top (well, probably.).