Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bimaa Classic

It's another Bimaa...straight-up, as written this time.  I'm on a bit of a knit kick, lately.  Before my hiatus, I ordered a bunch of fabric online - I'm still working on mastering the online-knit-purchasing so that I actually buy what I think I'm buying - anyway, now I'm sewing my way through it.  I bought this sweater knit from Girl Charlee - I think this is the same.

I ordered it with the boy kid in mind, but the black stripes are just slightly sheer.  The girl kid always wears a tank/onesie under her shirts so she inherited the fabric instead.  'Cause she needed more shirts, right?  ha!  Who am I kidding...I'd be sewing for her regardless.  I just.can't.stop.myself!


And a little of whatever this was...

In other news, I think my prepped pile for KCW is a little extreme.  I got a little carried away and it resulted in more cut pieces than I think it humanly possible to assemble in just one week - oops!  I guess we'll just have to see where the week takes us, won't we.

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  1. So cute!! I really need to whip out some more bimaas for my kiddos...