Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lovely Red Ritas

You got a sneak peek here and here...now for the full show!  Not that there's a ton to show...it's just a pair of pants.  But they sure are red!!

They're Lovely Rita Skinnies from Shwin & Shwin.  I cut up an old pair of stretchy red chords of mine.  They weren't a great fit anyway - well worth the sacrifice.  For various reasons, I've taken on some more involved and time consuming projects lately.  That's not my preference...I like a quick reward...concept to cut to piece to complete in a couple of hours or days.  These are definitely a super rewarding and (relatively) quick sew.  This was such a refreshing project.

I made the smallest size available based on the measurement chart and they're still a little big (the hem is folded in one extra time in these pictures).  I was a little concerned about it at first but as she wore them I decided they're not so big they look oversized, and they'll probably afford us just enough growing room to get her through the winter.  

These and the rest that I will inevitably be making!

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  1. Cute! This pattern is on my wish list... I'd better get through all my unused patterns first!.