Thursday, October 23, 2014

KCW - A-line Sweatshirt

The concept for this sweatshirt developed as a way to use some more of the awesome ruffle fabric from yesterday's leggings.  As I searched my stash, though, I didn't find a main fabric that coordinated in a way I liked with the pink and white.  I decided I was more excited about making a sweatshirt than I was about using the ruffles (for now) so I regrouped and grabbed a pair of Daddy's old sweatpants and a different knit scrap I had on hand.  This is where we ended up:

The pattern is self drafted.  It's mostly long sleeved swing tee up top, with a bottom that's about halfway between swing tee and little zippy.

The heart was reverse appliqued to the sweatshirt.  I used an extra layer of white knit behind the stripes to help add a little weight since the sweatshirt fabric is so much thicker.  I just kind of made it up as I went and (thankfully) it worked out perfectly!  Phew!

Instead of just folding them over, I decided to try binding the neck and hemline with some more of the striped knit and it worked nicely.  I also broke out my twin needle for the first time in probably a year.  I kept getting frustrated about not being able to get my tension set correctly.  The back thread, which is supposed to weave back and forth, and so provide a little flexibility to the stitches, would be almost straight.  So no stretch and lots of snapped threads.  Then I read somewhere, at some point, that you can adjust the tension of your bobbin.  I had no idea!  Did you?  So I loosened the screw on the bobbin case a little, played around with my tension adjustment on my machine, and voila!  My twin needle did its job like a pro. amazing is her hair?  This is second day straightened hair - even more amazing than first day.  Ugh - I feel so guilty for feeling jealous, but c'mon.  Look at it!  Ha!

Sadly, this will likely be my last KCW post for this season.  I've got to get going on the other costume but there's no sewing involved.  Boo.

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